Below, you will find the breakdown of each month’s topic focus for Control Engineering. Each issue can contain any of the following topic-focused segments:

Topic Guide:

  • Control Systems and Strategy: DCS, PACs, PLCs, industrial PCs, CNC, loop control, PID, embedded control, edge computing, machine control, artificial intelligence, instrumentation, mobile devices, analytical instruments, test and calibration equipment
  • Networking and Information: Ethernet, wireless, other networks, I/O modules and systems, HMI, mobility, SCADA, historians, data acquisition, Big Data, alarm management, simulation, safety, cybersecurity, industrial IT, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0
  • Control Equipment and Energy: Motors, drives, robotics, mechatronics, motion control, energy efficiency, control valves, pumps, positioners, transmitters, sensors, vision, RFID, power supplies, power protection, power distribution, enclosures, and related components
  • Industry focus, integrators, system integration, people, and workforce development
  • Special sections and supplements
  • Value-Added and Integrated Programs
  • Webcasts
  • Research