Webcasts — 2021

Webcasts are one of the most important tools for companies for communicating with their customers and prospects. Sponsors gain pre-qualified lead information for all webcast registrants, thought leadership, brand promotion, and more. Editorial and custom webcasts are promoted through our websites, dedicated e-mail blasts, editorial eNewsletter coverage, and website banner ads.

Webcast Features:

  • Sponsors receive pre-qualified lead information from registrant database
  • Sponsor logos on all webcast promotion (e-blasts, registration page, and more)
  • Sponsors receive one proprietary question on follow-up survey
  • Pre-recorded advertisement demonstrating your brand’s solutions, products, services, industry leadership role and value proposition during the Webcast (streaming audio and images)
  • Sponsor recognition throughout Webcast
  • Webcasts are archived for 365 days

Webcast Sponsorship Rates (GROSS/NET):

Editorial Webcast Participating Sponsor (RCEP Accredited***): $14,900(G) / $12,950(N)
One-minute commercial, leads, exposure throughout webcast promotion and event.
Five sponsors maximum.

Custom Webcast (Non-accredited):

  • If booked by June 1: $21,200(G) / $18,000(N)
  • If booked after June 1: $24,300(G) / $21,176(N)

One topic, one panelist chosen by sponsor, one sponsor, one-minute commercial.
Maximum presentation time is 45 minutes. Full-page print ad promoting webcast topic: $2,400(G) / $2,000(N)

*All webcasts are archived for one year.
**If print ad material is submitted by the client later than the print ad deadline for the month coinciding with the webcast, the ad will run the month after.
***RCEP Accredited courses, eligible for certified Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

  • A video recording of a custom webcast is available to sponsors for $1,000
  • A transcript of a custom webcast is available to sponsors for $1,000
  • A video recording of an editorial webcast is available to sponsors for $2,500
  • A transcript of an editorial is available to sponsors for $2,500

Download the Editorial Webcast Best Practices PDF.
Download the Custom Webcast Best Practices PDF.

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