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COVID-19 Engineering Alert

The COVID-19 weekly e-newsletter provides engineers with up-to-date information about how this global pandemic is impacting the engineering community.

89,028 subscribers*|View an example

IIoT: Operations & IT

This newsletter focuses on operations and information technology (IT) applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) and their impact on engineers.
43,828  subscribers*|View an example

Industrial Networking

This newsletter will cover the industry highlights, products, and technological advancements in industrial networking every month.
23,208 subscribers* | View an example

Process & Advanced Control

Covers equipment and methods used to measure and manipulate the conditions of continuous and batch processes.
23,289 subscribers* | View an example

Safety & Cybersecurity

Highlighting safety & cybersecurity issues for control, automation and instrumentation professionals.
26,428 subscribers*|View an example

Education for Engineers

This newsletter focuses on providing engineers with educational content including information on: CFE Edu®, eBooks, research and webcasts. 
Subscriber list varies on the topic of the newsletter*|View an example

Process Controls & Automation

This newsletter focuses on process control and automation applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) and their impact on engineers.
36,312 subscribers*| View an example

Information Control

Covers software, embedded control and human machine interface areas.
21,610 subscribers*| View an example

Process Instrumentation & Sensors

Covers analytical, pressure, temperature, flow, and level devices.
25,742 subscribers*| View an example

System Integration

Covers developments in system integration from the highest levels down to the more exacting issues involving control components and buses.
21,998 subscribers*|View an example

Machines, Equipment, & Asset Management

This newsletter focuses on machine, equipment, and asset management applications related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and their impact on engineers.
42,384 subscribers*|View an example

IIoT Edge

This newsletter is about the latest developments related to the Industrial Internet of Things and edge computing, which allows computing resources to be stationed at or near the process.
31,322 subscribers*| View an example

Machine Control

Covers discrete sensors, programmable controllers, CNCs, I/O modules and associated actuation, decision, measurement, and logic functions.
25,510 subscribers* | View an example

Product & Media Showcase

Get the latest on new products, literature releases, and cutting-edge technology as they hit the market.
15,409 subscribers*| View an example

Whitepaper Connection

This enewsletter brings you links to important white papers on automation and control products or systems.
17,882 subscribers*| View an example