Advertising with gives your brand a direct line of communication to your end user. Control Engineering’s web advertising opportunities go beyond the interactive leaderboard or skyscraper. You can integrate your message alongside an educational video with our dual-screen video display. Reach engineers with targeted banner ads and gain a competitive advantage with viewers.

Website Sponsorship Rates (NET/IMPRESSIONS)

LEADERBOARD:  $3,910(N)/ 5-13,000 Impressions: 728×90 image (300×50 Mobile Alias creative also required)

WIDE SKYSCRAPER: $4,140 (N)/ 5-13,000 Impressions: 300×600 image (300×250 Mobile Alias creative also required)

BOOMBOX: $3,910(N)/ 5-13,000 Impressions: 300×250 image

SEARCH BOX: Contact your sales rep for pricing: 65×27 image

See the Control Engineering new website with sponsored ad units HERE.