Own the Topic

Brand yourself alongside educational content that engineers who buy or specify your products are reading.

Step 1: Pick Your Topic

Sponsor will select a topic to “own” for a period of (3) months across all CFE Media & Technology publication websites.



Step 2: Contextual Ads

When an engineer is reading content related to your sponsored topic, you will receive up to (3) contextual banner ads and (1) call-to-action box on the page.


Step 3: E-mail Sponsorship

As engineers opt-in to receive regular email updates about the topic, a sponsor may contribute up to (1) piece of content in these monthly email deployments sent to an email list of up to 10,000 names.



Materials and Monthly Deliverables:



  • 4 Ad Sizes
    • 300×600, 300×250, 728×90, 300×50 (mobile alias) JPG or GIF format
    • Click-thru URL needed
    • Note: For GIF animation – 5 loop limit – files size 35k 
  • Click-thru URL needed



  • 1 Asset Needed
    • Headline: 4-8 words
    • Body copy: 30 words
    • Image: 330×220 (JPG or PNG)
    • CTA URL

Price: $12,000 per month for 3 month or $11,000 per month for 6 or more months

Materials Contact: Courtney Murphy (cmurphy@cfemedia.com) and Keagan Gay (kgay@cfemedia.com)